SolidRide Sports Network Acquires

By on July 9, 2013

SolidRide Sports Network Acquires

July 8, 2013

In a move to expand their action sports media coverage, SolidRide network has purchased the website for an undisclosed amount. As an independent sports publisher, SolidRide has gained a reputation for offering reliable snow and surf reports to enthusiasts, as well as product reviews of the latest gear available for purchasing. With the purchase of the West Coast Skiing site, they continue to move further into the field of user driven content. The website features numerous articles about snowboarding and free skiing written by professionals and amateurs alike, who all have a passion for their particular sport. The videos section and conditions reports are useful tools for both beginners and experienced skiers wishing to learn new things and explore more possibilities.

The SolidRide network is currently dedicated to offering the best coverage available to skateboarders, snowboarders, freeskiers, and surfers through the sports portals which are part of their expanding network. All the portals available feature easy to use navigation as well as mobile accessibility from all popular smartphones and tablets. The content is presented with the consumer in mind, as particular attention is paid to offering useful advice and commentary of interest to all fans of a particular sport, regardless of their degree of experience.

As part of their continued devotion to promoting the action sports industry, SolidRide is also planning to launch additional portals later in the year, including one for motor sports. These portals all serve as gateways to information that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. The unique, useful nature of this content ultimately is what has made the network a favorite for fans and sports enthusiasts online.

With the acquisition of, snowboarders and skiers can now explore new opportunities for fun, as well as research the latest brands and merchandise available to improve performance. Through the numerous content partnerships that SolidRide has forged with third parties, the latest and greatest information pertaining to these particular sports is always available just a few keystrokes away for internet users. Whether exploring the comprehensive gear guide or simply enjoying user created videos, visitors will find much to enjoy and learn a few things also while browsing this new SolidRide sports portal.

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